27 February, 2006

Sweet Home

It was good to fly back Chicagoward after two weeks here on the island. Even better than merely being "in my own place," and getting to see my love after this long time, was the party that we planned. I was able to see many friends, most of whom I see very seldom. When I wasn't busy hosting (Lulo is right, we SHOULD hire someone to do the food) I was able to get a few pictures with the new cam...My love with Edgar.

Martha stops to smoke.
Chris, John, and Yuki, all smiles.
Hiroshi, love-with-two-beers, and Yasuo

Jennifer, Angela, and Maiko, and so much money!
Shital looks at me, while Suzanne looks at god-knows-who.

Patrick! Sorry I missed the party. I appreciated the call. Next time?!
Awww... Great pics sweetie!
"My love with Edgar"

That caption screams for punctuation of some sort. Don't you think!?
Oh, Ergo, I'd do anything to get you to comment here again. I'm glad it worked!
Sorry I missed this shin-dig. I was in Rockford playing Russian roulette as my mother asked me for the millionth time whether I'd be attending church with her and my dad in the morning. I wanted to ask her if she'd be attending the "We Hate Mexicans and Think They're Going to Hell" meeting held every week in Kingsville, Texas with me. I attend incognito of course.
Why are the women carrying their handbags? Will they not set their handbags down?
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