25 January, 2006

Your mom

I'm so proud of myself.

On a recent show, Chicago's most famous bloated podcasting Jewish lesbian, Madge Weinstein, played two things I sent/phoned her, probably the first time I've "performed" for several thousand people (her show is also broadcast on Sirius satellite radio). One bit is certainly better than the other, and the other reflects both the detrimental effects of drink and knowing how to use your cheap external microphone correctly.

Please listen and see if you can tell which lil' bits are mine! And tell me what I can do to improve either in the future.

I thought your George Bush bit was GREAT! I loved Madge's commentary as she listened to your message. Hilarious!
Oh, honey, you gave it away!

I'm thinking of calling in as Puffy Blubbercunt's twin sister and saying evil things...
Ooops! Not Puffy Blubbercunt... Cheryl Mercowski! How about Gladys? or Bertha? Or Candy?
Gladys Mercowski??? LOL!!! Love it!
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