23 February, 2006

Why would so many people want to live on such a tiny rock?

Just testing my camera... I'm not so good with it yet, as I haven't had time (or inclination) to read the manual yet. Oh well, you get the idea anyway.

I drove into the city again last night. I get so bored out here, which is unusual for me; I've always been able to find something to do. It must be some sort of sensory deprivation; perhaps I just miss the gunshots singing me to sleep at night.

So I parked at Queens Plaza,as I usually do, and rode the E to.... I don't even really remember where I got off. I remember that I got pissed because the train was stopped for a long time (We'll be moving shortly) and I just hopped off and started walking.

I wanted to wander into areas I never went to when I lived in Queens, so I ended up (logically?) in the thirties on 11th avenue. It's easy to forget 11th avenue exists, and its also easy to see why I've never been there. I spent a few minutes reflecting at the Javits center, where so many of my friends suffered these past two days.

Then, Ellen actually called me back, so we went out to dinner - when I finally got over to 26th and 3rd.

Here's some shit (literally) I saw on the way:

Yum. Dinner was delish. We went to a honky tonk bar - Marlboro man country. I had a grilled tuna salad; the lettuce was boring but fresh, the dressing was beh and runny, but the tuna was numanums!!! Ellen had a queasydiller, and claimed it was wonderful, and I imagine, judging by her face, that it was. Ellen said "don't take my picture, I don't want you to post it on your website." I didn't understand what she meant; I eventually figured it out.

After a great coffee at Ellen's place made by her beau, Mr. BadEarth, I wandered around. A stroll by (since I'm not privileged enough to get in) Grammercy Park was relaxing, and I tested out the new camera yet more:
And then, after negotiating a thick cloud of marrywanna smoke at Union Square, it was bye bye time for me.

I almost shat myself when I got to Queens Plaza and it appeared my garage was closed at 11:54pm. Luckily, another exit was open. Thank god.

lol @ shat!
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