23 February, 2006

A new addiction

I have a new addiction:
I've always enjoyed New York pizza, but I could certainly live without it. Now of course, I'm surrounded by it. One of my earliest observations about my new surroundings, other than the horrid street network and idiotic drivers, was that any strip mall in Long Island is guaranteed to have a pizza joint and a "chinese" food outlet. That is a 95% guarantee. ANY bona-fide strip mall (meaning multi-use, i.e. where there are more than 3 kinds of stores) in Nassau or Suffolk counties is GUARANTEED to have a Chinamen Cuisine and Greasy Guido Slice.

I got tired of taking the cheese off, and mozarella is really a delight as far as cheeses go - like eating rubbery cream (yum!). This means that even though it makes me slightly ill, I now eat pizza as it was meant to be eaten. I no longer have to suffer stares and derision, and the rather small-minded observation that "pizza without cheese is just bread." Oh, honey, how wrong.

This revelation - the eating of cheese - really disturbs me.
Just because it tastes great, I'm willing to ingest something that makes me feel bleugh. Of course, this is nothing new to humanity. People persist in over eating, over fucking, over consuming, even though these activites are harmful. You won't die immediately from obesity, you may not even know that your whoring has given you gonorrhea and a whole host of other nasties, and global warming is taking a long time to kill us, but we continue because it feels good.

Lately, I have been eating literally like a hog. The glory of being able to afford what I want has plunged me into a tailspin of consumption. As usual, I tend to congratulate myself on the modicum of self-control I possess - I nearly booked a long-weekend trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, just because of an enticing article in the Times, and because I could technically afford it. Luckily, I came to my senses, and sent that money to my creditors. Then I go to some crappy buffet to celebrate that wise decision. I had been eating so much that I would get sluggish, and all I would do is try to work, then cart myself home and slump in a chair and read or watch movies. I was being productive, but not optimally. So now I'm fiddn'a eat less and get more done. Any ideas for strategy? My current attitude is "why have one slice when two only costs twice as much?"

Oh, I really liked this post!

To quote Ragan Fox, "JEALOUS? It FEELS good!"

Yay for you coming back today!
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