02 February, 2006


I found a job. It's about time. The poverty schtick gets old quickly, and the joy of eating nothing but ramen is losing its fizz. I've given up most of my vices, which I can't envision taking up again - especially since I'll be working near NYC for the first few months; I want to be able to save some of this newfound money.

This also takes the pressure off my prep for the bar exam. The job, "Zoning Specialist," is legal-related, and a law degree helps, but I don't have to pass the bar. That is a great relief, and probably means I have a better chance at passing, too. It also means I will start writing again, and more importantly, reading what I want.

I also want to think of more schtick for Yeast Radio. Madge has played a lot of crap I've sent in, and most of it has been utter crap. My W imitation sounds pretty good over the phone, I must say, but Sorbitol Watkins needs to get more interesting. Any suggestions?

Ho hum.

Oh, congrats! Does this mean you're moving to NYC? Yooo hoo!! I love NYC! :)
Oh, will Innommable get go with you to NYC too!? Damn, that'd be so cool!
Or is it gonna be one of those long-distance thingie's?
Well, to clarify, I'll be pretty far from NYC - about 50 miles or so; I'm not even really sure where I'll be staying.

And I'm not moving, I'm just working out there for the duration of a project. I'll be back in Chicago most weekends, and innommable will be out to Long Island as often as we can manage it.
50 miles from NYC! Heck, that's better than being 800 miles away (it seemed longer when I was driving up there in all the snowstorm and shit... not to mention Innommable's urgent need to take a crap of dysentry, Devdas' usual drama, etc. etc. damn, what a trip that was!)
When're you leaving to NYC?
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