07 January, 2006

Benifisense (or: Benefit of... my ass!)

I am sick and goddamn tired of giving people the "benefit of the doubt." What the fuck does that mean, anyway? How is a doubt a benefit? What benevolence does doubt bestow?*

I am often told that I am "too forgiving" of the "faults of others." When such faults are pointed out, I tend to murmur mitigating factors. At first, I fail to see fault clearly, then I explain it away.

This goes for myself as well as others. I see and then sublimate, overamplify, fail to correct, ignore, rationalize, eqivocate my own faults, real or imagined.

Who am I to be so benevolent to those who are so full of themselves?

Knowing is half the battle?

* I understand the colloquialism, bitch. Just bear with me. Give me the benefit of a doubt.

I wonder what this is about...
Is this about me calling you an asshole yesterday?? Oh wait, I didn't call you an asshole to your face, did I? Forget what I just said.
i think its about me not spending enough time with you....right?!
Oh, look at all the interest I can generate when I vent! I like this...

Yo Gazoo, be awful glad you left yesterday at 2:30.

Happy NFL playoff season!!!
Oh, I'm sure it's about me. I mean... who else, that Rubicunt knows of, could be "so full of themselves?"
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