05 January, 2006

Banalitary Mundanity II

I don't feel like continuing with this; I've lost interest. It's a stupid post title anyway - not that one would expect less of me. Nothing new there... I guess the Strattera isn't working quite as well as I'd hoped (dumbass smiley here). In the spirit of perseverance, I'll finish.

Where was I?

Oh... so I take the SE entrance in the mornings, walking the scenic Wrightwood Corridor to get to the "main" entrance on Kedzie. It's like a stream flowing into a river dumping into a stagnant stinking delta of temps, heading off to the jobs that support their "alternative band" careers. We (my beloved, innommable, is usually with me these days) try to choose a spot on the platform towards an end, convenient to one of our exits.

In the evening, I exit NW to Spaulding, and trudge morosely towards my mailbox, littered with bills.

So don't say I never finished anything I ever started.

you trudge huh,, i know all about that!
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