20 December, 2005

Cult of Personality?

I can't wait for the commentary on this one.

I remember remarking to a friend recently that he was part of some "objectivist" "cult of Ayn Rand." So funny that I should stumble upon the following today: "Ayn Rand was a truculent, domineering cult-leader, whose objectivist pseudo-philosophy attempts to ensnare adolescents with heroic fiction about righteous capitalists."

Curiosity piqued, I eventually stubbed my finger on http://www.lewrockwell.com/rothbard/rothbard23.html and let out a hearty chortle after skimming it. I don't know anything about the site or whether it's a hoax, or what, but I found it hilarious.

I think I'll continue my googling in this vein when I find the time.

Oh.. you're back? How was the party? Did you eat all of your pork chops?!? Did anyone else get any food left to eat?
Oh.. good ol' Murray Rothbard -- anarcho-capitalist. The hate between Rand and his ilk was mutual.
Har de har har, sweetheart. I brought six pounds of pork chops; I returned home with 3 small pieces for innommable.

Gazoo's "Red Lobster" Biscuits were devoured, and I am gathering recipes for some bitchin' goods. You should come for dindin sometime.
Rothbard's article... that's old news. It's sadly a marginally true phenomena of the Objectivist movement... the "Randroid" phenomena was at its peak during her living years, and immediately following her death.
You should read up on her many biographies, if you're interested in getting a whole, substantive picture.

Incidentally, Rand built into her philosophy, a potent tool for safe-guarding against the cultish behavior that gained sway -- and that is, her unwavering repulsion of anything accepted on faith.

So, some of the modern Objectivists have finally brought the movement back on its right track -- of being based on objective, empirical, logical, and scientific evidence.
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