08 December, 2005

PirĂ¡mide del Alimento

The screen in the elevator tells me that the USDA, "alarmed at the high rate of obesity among hispanics," has translated the Food Pyramid. This will surely cure what ails 'em. We can see the miracles the Pyramid has worked for the anglophone population.

Spanish or English... I still tend to eat stuff on the wrong end.
oh dear!
Gazoo... your comment could be taken in several ways. I'm sure you probably intended that, as I know you like it several ways, and all ends appeal to you.
Just say no to chicharron.
LOL @ chicharron!
That's funny J should mention chicharrones b/c my grandfather, who's in his mid-80s, has eaten them everyday of his life. In theory, his heart should of exploded 30 years ago.
I love love love pork rinds. You can see where that has gotten me.

Even better are the "chicharrones de harina" that the local groceria sells.
Chicharrones de harina! Noooo!
Blech! Yech! Burp! Stop saying words!
Oh ye of little culture who know not of what innommable speak... check out www.homestarrunner.com and navigate to Toons, then Teen Girl Squad, and bask in the odd glow!

And let it be known that last time I had the harina vairety on my table, innommable gobbled them up with a satisfied grimace.
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