07 December, 2005

Here's why the Holidays suck, for some

I am being harassed. Here at the office, many of the support staff are fond of fund drives, and will pass the hat at the drop of a hat. My colleagues and I, on a somewhat sparse hourly wage, groaning under incredibly massive student loan debt, have absolutely nothing to give. I wish I could help out in some of the causes, but I quite simply cannot. I am sick of being assailed with these pleas. It is easy to ignore the professional homeless, but officemates are another matter.

The holidays are the worst. Everyone in every crevice, nook, and cranny of every sub-department of every bureau of every whatever is holding a fund-raiser, a bake-sale, a used book sale, and this year, sponsoring some folks from a shelter. I was able to buy a fairly promising novel and a pleasing cupcake, but I won't be able to buy size 33 jeans for an 11 year old. For that I apologize. With luck, I'll do better next year.


Needless to say I agree with you wholeheartedly. How about the 11 yo girl on our office list who wants a picture/cell phone. As I mentioned earlier today I want to buy her one of those candy cell phones with candy in it. Then it dawned on me, I could also buy a disposable camera and duct tape it to the candy cell phone and really make her holiday wishes come true! Can someone please explain to me what a homeless 11 yo girl is going to do with a cell phone? Where does she plan on charging it? But I digress... I'm beginning to sound heartless.

Damn, why even bother with the fake phone! Fuck, since when being a homeless entitled you to ANTHING at all -- let alone a cellphone with a camera! This is so preposterous!

I've had a bunch of my corporate goonies come around asking if I'd like to contribute too... I simply and politely decline... though, I'd really wish to blowup with disdain in ther faces for even thinking of asking such a question.
I guess that is one of the few GOOD things about working at DD!
LOL @ Gazoo!

Did anyone say she was entitled to anything, Ergo? I mean, clearly she isn't. I think this has more to do with holiday gift-giving than anyone being entitled to anything.

Hey! I am not homeless (thanks to my parents), but I want a picture cell phone, too! Can someone donate one to me???

I at least have somewhere to charge it! Geez!
There is an entitlement assumed here. When you're homeless or pathetically "needy" in whatever sense... there are people (corporations, organizations) around you who decide to raise money, have fund-raisers, charity-drives, potluck shit... etc. etc.... apparently to meet some of the needs of the hobo.

However, say I came along... I'm just a regular, not too shabby, not too poor, but definitely could use some extra comforts in life... came along and asked anyone or any charity-organization, or any corporation to have a fund-raiser for me so I could be able to get a cellphone with camera... do you think that would happen?? Do you think you could successfully organize a fundraiser/charity-drive to give me what I say I want, i.e a cellphone?

If the hobo can ask for the same thing (the phone) and can easily galvanize huge organizations to actually get it for that shit... why can't I ask for the same thing and not be laughed at or ridiculed?

Clearly, there is an entitlement. You just choose to ignore it because you wish to think that you are giving because you CHOOSE to give... and that your giving is actually a benevolent, charitable act.
No, actually, I don't think one is entitled to anything just because one is poor, can't afford it, or whatever.

And I LOLed at the idea of a hobo having the ability to "galvanize huge organizations" Geez! A HOBO??? LOL again!

Clearly, all this gift-giving has all to do with the fact that we're in the midst of the holiday season...

You know what they say, "Tis the season!"

Well, clearly there is no argument that for the sole reason that one is a hobo, one is entitled to anything… that’s a “duh” factor. But you’re missing the point… the point is that society, corporations and charities function – in matters of giving -- on the premise that being poor and needy does in fact entitle one to things… regardless of the season. It just so happens that during the “seasons”, those organizations find it easier to milk you out of your money and services into giving more to those hobos… all in some guilt-ridden, emotional blackmail.
But regardless of “season” or no-“season”, just being poor and needy should warrant nothing out of me or anyone or any organization! The fact that it is happening is an implicit recognition that those hobos on the streets are entitled to something… and let’s hide it under the excuse that “ Tis the season”.
P.S. I wasn't clear: there is no argument that a hobo is NOT entitled to anything purely on basis of the reason that he is a hobo.
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