11 December, 2005

This is how football should be played

A little sunny frivolity for a sunny Sunday:

For those of you who do not watch football, and do not know much about football, perhaps - god forbid - do not care about football, I submit for your viewing pleasure The Indianapolis Colts. I remember as a young tyke when the Colts first moved to the city of my birth. They were awful, mediocre, and briefly near-brilliant for about 15 years, and now finally they are near-perfect. Whether they finally bring home a Super Bowl or not, this is the best team I've ever seen, and it gives me a lot of pleasure to watch them.

Football, oh yes, football. How long it has been since I have actually sat down and watched a game. The NFL has never really been something I enjoyed watching, perhaps since Oklahoma does not have a team. But, I have always enjoyed watching college football. The Sooners are definitely a fun team to watch! We should have a football watching party! Ha! Innommable can sit with his laptop and write poetry while the game is on!
Tyrel, that sounds like a wonderful idea! It has been a while since I did my football watching correctly, downing a whole 24-pack of Miller Lite - mmm, talk about numanums! And I would HOPE that innommable would write poetry... nothing posted in so long! He was up VERY late last night, supposedly writing, but we have yet to see proof of that. Maybe I should piss him off or something...
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