07 December, 2005

Zero Degree(s)

I had a feeling that this cold spell is a record-breaker, and something I heard on Chicago Public Radio confirmed it this morning. I went to the extreme, last night, of taking my air conditioners out of the windows. It took so much effort - and sweat - to install them that I resisted as long as I could. When I moved into the place I honestly did not see how it could ever get cool, let alone cold as it was the last few nights. This summer I missed the central a/c I had downtown, and now - unbelieveably - I miss the effects of modern insulation and double-paned windows.

So frozen I can't even write!

Last year I left the a/c in the window and this year I decided to take it out and see if I could save any on the gas bill. I guess it's just a waiting game now...
Reminds me of Philly, where the condensation would freeze on the inside on the window.
Oh, j., you bring back so many memories! That apartment was so beautifully renovated, and so defective in so many ways... I remember the sound of the streetcar rumbling past, and the smells, and watching that "stolen" election on the fuzzy screen in the frozen bedroom. Sleeping on a futon in one's bedroom sucks; shivering on a crappy futon in one's bedroom is just tragic. Aren't we glad we got out of that one alive?
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