21 December, 2005


So... serendipity gives me the [wireless] signal strength to look at what I've posted here, and edit where [perhaps] appropriate. Way back when, in the throes of literary ecstasy, I posted a lil sumpin' about Jude Law (that delicious hairy beast) and Stephen Fry (that most inouï* of authors) (apologies to both) that I must now redact. Done. Click on yon link.

* Sorry. I just couldn't think of a good English equivalent, and I haven't a dictionary handy. Further revision: any suggestions?

I will be forever in love with Jude Law. It took all my self-control not to sexually assault him when I saw him at Barney's on Rush Avenue. Although, I must confess, Orlando Bloom is quickly working his way up my "to do" list.
Hmm... there was certainly something about Bloom's look in the Lord of Things films.., but I've seen a certain edge to him elsewhere I don't think I... appreciate.

Did you at least touch Jude?
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