21 November, 2005

Fry-ing Law

I've been reading so much Stephen Fry lately - a bad habit I have when I find an author I enjoy - and a friend of mine told me to check the web for some site - she couldn't rememeber where - that had some of his writing. A google search had this photo at the top. I remember when I first saw the movie Wilde I thought Fry and Law would make such a great real-life couple, and of course I hoped Law, whom I'd never seen before, was as gay in "real life" as he acted. I didn't think there was any chance Fry was actually gay.

Well christ, how wrong could I be? While Fry has reportedly taken a vow of celibacy for many years now*, Law has allegedly poked the nanny. You never can tell. Perhaps this is a photo of an ideal world?

* Though I never found the alleged site with Fry's writing (his "official" site is ridonkulously anemic and vapid), I did recently hear or read that dear Stephen had "come off", so to speak, his stint of abstinence.

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