01 December, 2005

December! Vomit! Time Flies! Year Over!

As the Chicago City Council prepares to ban foie gras and cigarette smoke (though it appears the liver will be off the table before the tabakky), the following passage from The Hippopotamus (by my latest littish obsession, the aforementioned Fry) seems apt, and expresses my sediments exactly. So, from the mouth of ficticious poet and curmudgeon Ted Wallace:


You can’t imagine, if you’re younger than me, which statistically speaking you are bound to be, what it is like to be born into the booze and smokes generation. It’s one thing for a man to find, as he ages, that the generations below him are trashier, more promiscuous, less disciplined and a whole continent more pig-ignorant and shit-stupid than his own – every generation makes that discovery – but to sense all around you a creeping puritanism, to see noses wrinkle as you stumble by, to absorb the sympathetic disgust of the pink-lunged, clean-livered, clear-eyed young, to be made to feel as if you have missed a bus no one ever told you about that’s going to a place you’ve never heard of, that can come a bit hard. All those pi, priggish Malvolios going about the place with “do you mind, some of us have got exams tomorrow, actually” expressions on their pale prefectorial little faces. Vomworthy.

Ha! Very apt, indeed! Yo Zovfoyui... how's Nakasuki?
I hear the foi gras tastes like chicken skin... very yummy. In fact, it reminds me of this past Thanksgiving when I tore off a nice chunk of the crispy butt skin of the turkey and swallowed it whole. As the juices ran down my jowels I thought about the turkey whose ass I was devouring. I would've liked to have met that turkey and shaken his/her claw... perhaps we'll meet someday on the other side.

I write to tell you that Zovfoyui died peacefully several months ago, after a long bout with rheumatoid ass fungus. Nakasuki sends her best wishes, and invites you to sample, at your convenience, her sukiyaki.


HAAAHAA! I just can't STOP LAUGHING!!!! Such ABSURDITY! Xlghptj might just get angry and zap us all with this laserbeam sword!
Hey! Don't spoil it! Some of the rest of us - Gyrky, for instance - might mightily enjoy Xlghptj's pulsating lazer light throbsword... er, longsword.
Just wondering...but, does anyone have jobs on here?!

Rubicund, I hear you are looking for a job. Come work with me at DD. The pay is lousy but the benefits are out of this world, just ask ergo!
Well, Tyrel, I'm trying very hard to come up with a good reason NOT to go DD. All I can think of is the long chunk of time I spent working at S'bux. I don't know if any benefits could induce me to recapture those horrors.
Trust me. You have NO IDEA what benefits are offered at THAT SPECIFIC DD in the MM. Trust me! I know! ;) I'm sure you will be tempted!

Ofcourse, there are a bunch of Daisy Desi's working at DD, like for instance, Zumklmm, who has this peculiar tendency of counting down the days with her customers, from Monday to Friday... and then start again next week from Monday to friday... anyway... just stay out of her hair... and enjoy the 'benefits' of good ol' DD at MM.
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