16 November, 2005

Check Into Cash

Worst commercial, worst concept ever.

If you haven't seen it, the spot goes a little something like this: A woman is at the "car repair shop," apparent by the decor, and says, peering oddly into the distance, "My car is fixed, and I don't have enough in my account to pay the mechanic," whereupon some halfwit says, "Check into cash!!!" while making a check mark in the air with his index finger. This is so intoxicating to the poor lady that she apes him exactly. We are left to assume that everything gonna be alright.

The jingle goes like this, with guitar licks awry in the background:

"We cash your personal check, and then we hold it till your payday...

You got a money may day!!!

(Husky whisper) Check in to cash!!!!! "

On the upside, I guess I have to point out that the people portrayed are all in the apparent pursuit of necessities: the woman with the broke down jalopy, the unfortunate grandma at the groceria, and one or two other situations. These people are not shown in line at the crack store, or walking out of the 7/11 with a cleverly disguised bottle of hooch.

I just love the place because they have birthed unto us a sublimely hideous jingle, one that I hope will haunt me for the rest of my days.

Hahahaahaa!! This post is so funny!! I love it!!
I'm so glad that I can provide a smile on this humid, cloudy day. For real laughs, make sure you don't miss the commercial.

I have to take this opportunity to record my word verification challenge below: "iquzmu." A new line of car/suv? The latest adorable Japanime smash? The drink you chew? It's IQUZMU!!!
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