29 November, 2005


Does anyone have a job (paying more than $12/hour - with benefits, of course) for me?

I know you'll find a job soon. It will come when you least expect it, kinda like you came when I least expected.
Damn, you're going rate is too expensive...
I can provide you with the "benefits"... if you like! ;)
Well... actually... I take that back. Only $12 for an hour... that's DIRT cheap! Ofcourse, I can hire you for an hour (or two)... benefits and all...!! hehhheee :D
Oh, Ergo, my hero! What kind of work is it? and when can I start? I'll take the two hour option, with a detailed description of benefits in the offer letter, please.
How about we start you off for once a week, at first.... no qualifications necessary... just the regular... clean my apartment... fold all the clothes strewn all over the floor, couch, doors, etc... do the dishes... just general upkeep of the place.

And, we can discuss the benefits in person... ofcourse, I'm open to offering MANY DIFFERENT kinds of 'benefits'... we can see how things go.

What say you? Wanna be my employee? And hey... you don't even need any papers for this job! I say it's a catch!
Mmm... mmm... tax free cash money. I'm feeling warm and tingly - thank god no qualifications are necessary! I accept.
You're hired. Meet me at the boondocks.
Ergo dear, could you mapquest the boondocks for me, or email directions? I would be much obliged... I can't find it...
I've heard, perhaps a rumor, but if you simply follow the aroma of curry you are bound to find that long sought after boondock.
Mmm... mmm... mmm... I do LOVE curry!
But I still don't know exactly what to think of "boondock." Is this a reference? An inside joke? Are we referencing wild and dense brush/jungly type stuff? or country/backwoodsy localities?
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