26 November, 2005

Blue Balls

So here I am, in the bosom of the fam - the hugely extended fam, the ever expanding fam. I sit at the keyboard here, in the dark, only the glare of the monitor and the flickerings of the bigscreen way off in the family room to light my midnight peckings. I wish I could actually post something worthwhile right now, but snores surround me.... literally. My dearest cousin-in-law has just revealed that she's preggers, which means another screaming voice next year 'round the already crowded tx'gving trough.... I should leave this, and post later when I can see the keyboard, n'est-ce pas?

Why the blue balls?
Oh, Phetty, welcome! Congrats on being the first commentator on my once-secret spot.

The blueness of the balls was simply from the fact that over the holiday I had no good time to write, but plenty to write about (though that may have only been the noxious whispers of my scotch). During the day, there was much scurrying around me, and I find it difficult to concentrate with other nosily looking over my shoulder, and impossible when a niece or a nephew decides that you are the perfect target for English practice. At night, if I turned on a light, I would have disturbed the people sleeping strewn about in the living room. My mother recently got her wish for a remodeled kitchen: In with the new fixtures, out with the doors and separation between rooms. Blah blah blah...I'm sure you neither wanted nor needed to hear any of that, so I'll stop here.

But welcome.
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