22 December, 2005

More on Marshall Field's

I didn't mean for my post yesterday to be about Marshall Fields, but found another reason why perhaps the name and entity should be preserved:

Through its 153 year history, Marshall Field's has changed the way we build, the way we socialize, and, of course, the way we shop. Its flagship store--the first and most famous of its kind--is a world-famous attraction and paved the way for department stores worldwide: Wanamaker's in Philadelphia, Filene's of Boston, Macy's of New York, and Selfridge's in London, to name just a few. Marshall Field's track record of innovation over its century-and-a-half of existence is impossible to ignore. Beginning with its rise from a local merchant to a major power following the Great Chicago Fire the 1870s, from opening the first full-line branch department store ever in 1929, and continuing through the groundbreaking 2003 renovation (culminating in another first: a Vertical fashion show) of its flagship store on State Street."

Hmm.. I read the article... and I don't see any reasons given there... It's quite an unpersuasive article.

Strangely, I don't know why I even care to talk about this... Marshall's or Macy's... ugh. Ask me if I care?!

Anyway, I guess the only one reason I would like to have the Marshall Field's name has nothing to do with the branding or the merchandize or that kind of stuff... I would keep merely as an honor and sign of respect to the man himself. Marshall Field -- I watched a brief documentary of the early Chicago years when Field's, Montgomery Ward and other visionaries worked in the much free-er environment of laissez-faire capitalism and set this city up to grow immensely from the wealth and infrastructure they created.
To imagine how this city has become today, after having risen from the ashes of the great fire... that's an awe-inspiring achievement... a great story to hear about. That's why I would support keep on that name - in honor of Marshall Field.
Well, I don't think that particular piece was written to persuade. It was soliciting signatures and stories about why to "keep it Field's," and I suppose if you don't have a story, you just don't sign.

I'm as boggled as you that I'm talking about this subject.
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