28 June, 2006

Highering my IQ

I've always loved the gigglesome diversion of an online IQ test.

While I'm always seeking to embiggen my mind, I've usually stuck to pleasurable areas, like philosophy, history, and literature. In my school days, I petulantly avoided anything math- or science- related. I don't really know if I'm capable at math at all. I can use numbers when I need to, I can pick out shapes and patterns and whatnot... but if a problem meets with the slightest mental resistance, I just give up and go onto something else. That probably has more to do with my scatterbrain than anything else... but I've decided to start reading about math, at least, to figure out if I know anything about geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and whatnot. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I guess I'll just start with wikipedia. I've been spending a lot of time there lately.

Wikipedia is for lovers. I read that somewhere.
Wikipedia is so much fun, isn't it?! Go look up "Japanese Toilets" on wiki... you'll never think of sushi wrapped in sea weed the same way again! ;)

P.S. Do you know what's a "vulva"?? That was another word I had to look up on Wiki... and consequently, shock my colleagues sitting next to me at work with what what was displayed on my screen! :D

Of course I know what a "vulva" is. It's a Swedish car manufacturer.

And exactly, how is a gay man like myself supposed to know that vulva is actually a "Swedish car manufacturer"!? I mean, hello... you know that gay men only think about their Hummers.
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