04 May, 2006

It never ends.

I think I'm in love with the following protagonist:

(AP) OGDEN DUNES, Ind. -- A man celebrating his release from jail was arrested on a South Shore train for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District police arrested John A. McKenzie, 32, of Chicago, on the train headed to South Bend Tuesday night. McKenzie was drunk as he rode the northern Indiana commuter line with his wife and three children, following his release from a Chicago jail, police said. Another passenger reported McKenzie to officers after he allegedly swiped a beer from him, police said.

An argument erupted, and police from NICTD, Ogden Dunes and Burns Harbor arrived to take McKenzie into custody after he made repeated death threats to the officers, police said. McKenzie remained in the Porter County Jail today, a jail officer said.

Where you been?? You fancy schmancy lawyers too good to talk to us common folk?? My boyfriend is out of town for two weeks - yay!... I mean *sigh*....

Anyways..what ya'll doing for memorial day?
OMG,,, your word verification has a handicapped option!!! Too funny!
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