30 December, 2005

"eurobabes with gaping wide a-holes"

... is probably the best subject line for a spam email ever. There it lies, glistening like a corn-studded turd in my Junk Mail folder; verily, a jewel in the rough, the mighty tiger roaring loudest in the dense, malaria-infested jungle.

(I hear Cialis is good for treating Malaria.)

Who actually buys any of this shit?

On an unrelated note, the following reminds me somewhat of... well, me.

I've seen these beautiful de-motivational posters in various spots, but I'd never yet seen this one. Kudos to the creator.

Haha! Yeah.. that's me up there on the mountain! ;)

O, don't tell you me you didn't think of me first when you saw that poster!
Hmmm... now, is there a difference between pride, pretension, and delusions of graduer??? ;)
Eh, look closer erggy. That's me up there. I'm shouting down to you to keep 'yo stankass off my hill.
Oh... I always thought my "stank" ass was my own dirty secret.... but now I guess you caught "wind" of it, eh?! Hmmm...
Hmm, the best thing in my junk mail today is "Give Her the Big One for New Years." Speaking of New Years, I'm in town now so give me a call or email if you get this before this evening?
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