03 November, 2005

The Big Oy Vey

I've had a poor straggling blog for a while. I rarely posted. I have trouble exposing myself, as it were. I certainly do not plan on moving the old posts from there to here.

Recently, spending a lot of time on blogs hosted here at blogger.com, I've come to like their formats and features, so I'm moving here. I remember clearly the day in early October when I printed out Lulo's blog and read it on the commute home, on the walk from the train, up the stairs, and straight into my reading chair. So many little windows on different facets, openings otherwise obscured by decorum or deceit, or by the time it takes to get to know someone. The move may take me a while, though I really have comparatively little to schlep - or little that will be schlepped, as aforementioned - but I'll start with the beginning from the old home:

"Blech. Bloggery. Since everyone else does, why oughtn't I? I'll just use this to collect all the crap I've written and kept - for whatever reason. This is my insurance against yet more dead computers."

nice blog i guess u like to write my mom say i should do more of it but i would rather play football than read.(u don't know me)
Thanks, greendragon!
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