08 June, 2006

War drivel

I saw V for Vendetta the other day – Tuesday? If you haven’t yet seen it, do so. It is a gourmet repast for cynicism and paranoia. It should make everyone a little curious and cautious, a little more invested in the political process. Many comic book – er, graphic novel – buffs find that the film isn’t a faithful reproduction of the original. Somehow I think that may not have been the point of the film. I felt surges of shameful guilty pleasure wash over me as I identified elements of the film with the current political climate, and thought to myself, “oh well, nothing I can do about it. Of course, there is and there isn’t. Of course, our current political climate is nothing like that depicted in the film. Is it? Believe me, I’m no Bush defender; just what kind of foreign policy IS this?

I find myself astounded at the death of al-Zarqawi. The temptation is always there to mistrust the government, the military – any embodiment of Big Brother. I once thought that the “powers that be” could rather easily fake the capture/death of bin Laden, or whomsoever they choose. Such a charade would be a tiresome back and forth, each side saying they had the real villain/corpse. In the New York Times we read of the elaborate build up to today’s early morning announcement that the most wanted villain in Iraq is no more. It really got me thinking.

Why were WMD’s never planted in Iraq?

You know, I actually thought al-Zarqawi was Zacarias Moussaoui. . .
"Sorry Mr. Abdullah Walla, or whatever your name is!"
Glad you liked the movie. I did too. Though, I suspect we had very different reasons for liking it. I would guess that yours had largely to do with the fact that Stephen Frye's in it.

hey, look! I'm so smart! ;)
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